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    Crown Heights Magazine 2018 Spring Edition

    The Premier Esoteric Magazine for the Primordial Soul gives deep insight to spiritual understanding of truths within our Earth hidden by "the others" from the Afro Primordial Beings. Our spring read gives esoteric understanding to our true resurrection, easter, love, movies, and money!

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    The Esoteric Magazine for the Primordial Earth Soul

    Our mission is to present esoteric information to the primordial earth souls regardless of race, nationality, creed, sex, caste, or color of skin. This is actually taken from our mission statement.

    What exactly is esoteric? It is always a substantial amount of information kept hidden and shared only with a small group of beings. We share with you blessed information to elevate your soul so only you become master of your mind.

    We give reverence through Crown Heights to Afro Beings across this earth plane that are directly linked to Terra Maat El and our original ancient source YHWH.

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